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Odin's Journey


Post-Op On Our Own

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The week started over and my husband was back to work. I stay home with our daughter Monday-Wednesday, so it was up to me to manage her, Odin and our two other dogs. Odin has three fur siblings total; Freya is our 4 year old husky/mal mix and foster fail, Tyr (pronounced tier) is our 3 year old shar-pei and then we have Rocket who is our 12 year old cat.

Freya can be hell on wheels, but thankfully she is extremely respectful of Odin. It was interesting watching them interact. The two younger dogs were very cautious around Odin, making sure he had enough space and didn’t steal his bed from him. For once they were being good, they enjoyed lying next to Odin and I during icing time.

I went into work that Monday morning to get Odin some Tramadol and a cone since we began licking. The Tramadol really helped take the edge off for him. I iced him 3 times a day and the bruising began to fade. His pain was managed, but he wasn’t quite himself. He was quiet, stoic. He’d give a little wiggle when I walked in or spoke to him, but over all he seemed depressed. Almost as if he was giving up.

That night I laid in bed staring at the ceiling due to the guilt creeping back up as I listened to him run into things with his cone. Was he just sedate from the pain meds or was he truly giving up? Why couldn’t I seem to understand what he needed? I felt like I had failed him.

Tuesday was the same as usual. He laid in one spot all day other than when he went outside, we iced and slept. Wednesday I opened the doors to our screened in porch so the other 2 dogs could be in there or on the deck with me while I scrubbed chairs for an upcoming grad party. Odin was lying in the den staring at the wall. After scrubbing for a while I heard a noise and looked up. Odin was standing in the porch looking out at me through the screen. I couldn’t believe he had gotten up to come out on the porch. He sat down after a few minutes and rested, watching as I cleaned.

Once the chairs were done I went into the porch and sat on the floor with him. We watched the birds, enjoyed the breeze coming through the opened windows and watched as the other two knuckleheads wrestled out on the deck. He finally seemed to pep up a little.

Later that night my mom showed up. She stays with us Wednesday and Thursday nights since she babysits when I’m at work. Apparently Grandma is exactly what Odin needed. For the first time in 4 days I watched him get up and do that famous rottweiler butt wiggle where it looks like they’re about to fall over. He was so happy to see her. Although, he tired quickly but my mom got on the floor with him so that they could still give hugs and kisses. I’m convinced Grandma is the only person on Earth he loves almost as much as he loves me.

It was as if she cured him. At this point the only way for Odin was up. He finished his tramadol, the swelling and bruising was gone, he wasn’t depressed anymore and was becoming more agile. He even enjoyed celebrating Freya’s birthday on Thursday.

This morning I came downstairs to take him out to potty but found that he had some how pulled his cone off then vomited. So he spent the day resting again. When I came home from work he was so excited to see me. My big guy is finally starting to come back to me.

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4 Responses to “Post-Op On Our Own”

  1. benny55
    3:58 am on June 25th, 2017      Reply

    Oh Odin! I ADORE you!! I ADORE ALL your pack! What a good looking crew!

    And before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL FREYA!! Love your Royal Crown!!

    Odin sounds like he’s about where he should be at this point in recovery. And Grandma’s do seem to have some extra healing powers 🙂 🙂 YAY for Grandmas!!

    Odin’s surgery site looks really good. Make sure you still have some Tramadol in ha d if he needs it. If I read this right (which I probably didn’t) he was off that pain med day four??? That’s REALLY early, really early to be off pain meds!

    Odin is a smart boy and is very wise to take things slowly and sneak in lots of rest!

    And I looooove these pictures!!! The one of you and Odin gazing into each other’s eyes…PRICELESS!! 🙂

    Smooches to all your good looking pack…And an extra one for Odin! 🙂

    And give yourself a big hug from all of us! You are doing a GREAT job! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • scarlette2358
      2:11 pm on June 25th, 2017      Reply

      He is also on Gabapentin and Rimadyl for pain. The surgeon didn’t even prescribe the tramadol at first which I found very odd. Thankfully my boss just filled it for him for a few days. He’s actually doing really really well without the tramadol!

  2. rikntracy
    7:12 pm on June 25th, 2017      Reply

    You have a GREAT pack! SO glad he’s perked up! Happy days!!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  3. linda8115
    9:12 pm on June 25th, 2017      Reply

    Love your pack! Sometimes it does take the bigger breeds just a tad longer to adapt but once they do it’s like the sun coming out on a rainy day. It is so glorious to watch them get their sparkle back and interact again. Looks like each day will just get better and better for that beautiful boy! And yes Grandma’s are the BEST! Sending hugs to your entire pack!

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