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Odin's Journey


Post-Op Day 11

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I went into work last Friday eager to see results of the biopsy. I pulled up his chart, but there was nothing. How on Earth has it not come back yet? It’s been a week. I went full mama bear mode and called the lab myself (respectfully) insisting they get it together 😂

A few hours later the results came back. Chondrosarcoma. Cartilage cancer, if you will. Prognosis is great, 1-1 1/2 years. Not long enough by any means, but a heck of a lot longer than 6-8 months when we thought it could be osteosarcoma. Chance of the cancer spreading is around 20%. He’s the first chondrosarcoma dog to ever grace the clinic.

Although the news is disheartening, it relieves a bit of the guilt about taking the leg. Granted my heart still drops a little every time I look at him. Both my husband and my mom say they just keep waiting for him to put his leg down.

Sunday night he actually snuck down the stairs into the basement but I didn’t see him do it. He can get down the stairs but struggles to make it back up. So I did what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months and helped his wiggly butt.

(Odin on his way outside on the ‘run’ I made him from rubber flooring tiles)

Yesterday we went outside to do our morning business and some jerk bird spiked Odin’s adrenaline and he took off like a bullet. I almost fainted as I watched him Sprint after the bird. Then I realized HOLY CRAP HE’S RUNNING….granted I know he’s not supposed to do that so I did my best to reprimand him but…..HE RAN.

Today he actually tried to engage in a wrestling match with me. He had his big boy panties on and wanted to “fight”.

My big boy is finally back!!


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2 Responses to “Post-Op Day 11”

  1. misterrustybucket
    2:14 am on June 28th, 2017      Reply

    Aren’t you just the sweetest. I love these pictures, he looks so happy. I can’t believe he is running and doing stairs? That’s crazy. I was so surprised when I read about his diagnosis. My Mister Rusty had his leg amputated on 5/5/17 and was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma as well.
    I’m just so happy for you and hope that he continues to get better every day. Someone has to chase those birds down!
    Love, Amy & Rusty

  2. jerry
    4:07 pm on June 28th, 2017      Reply

    SWEEEET! Odin you bounced back like a big crazy rubber ball!

    Great news about the chondrosarcoma results. I mean as good as it can get all things considered of course. And who knows, he may just beat that even-longer prognosis, you never know.

    Way to go Odin!!!!

    P.S. LOVE the traction tiles in your home. Good job maw!

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